What We're About

hEa™ is a lifestyle brand created to those who dare to live with confidence. Featuring accessories, artwear and art, they highlight and celebrate people that want to express their bold, colorful and unique personalities.  hEa™ celebrates the diversity and individuality of those who want to live out their dreams despite their circumstances and encourages others to love who they are.

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hEa™ was created by Nia Joy in October, 2010 in Cary, NC when she saw an opportunity to celebrate others in a unique way. The brand started with the inspiration of simple phrase and sprang into a platform for her to design and create specialty accessories & artwear. She along with her husband, Keith and childhood friend, Patrice, decided to see the vision through. hEa™ now showcases apparel for all ages and has grown to engage its fans through social media, events, partnerships and more recently giving back to positive campaigns that support causes such as breast cancer and recognizing outstanding high school and college students' academic achievements.

you can stay up to date with Nia Joy or contact her
via her website: www.niajoy.me

A Brand of Confidence™
Nia Joy
hEa™ Crew: Keith, Nia Joy, Patrice
Photos: AJ's Visionary